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I stopped in one day to get some work done on my brakes since this shop is close by. He said I needed to change my brake pads, and change the fluid in my brakes. Joe was a nice guy. He offered me something to drink, and the waiting room was a cozy little room. They got the work done fast, charged a fair price, and I loved how nice and helpful Joe was. I will definitely be back.


Houston, TX

Joe is always honest. He never tries to sell me on things I don't need. Got to love honest and fast service that's close by!


Houston, TX

I've known Joe for a long time. I have lived in the neighborhood for more than twenty five years, and his shop has been here since the beginning. He's been serving the people of this community for over 25 years. It's always a pleasure to do business with him, he stands behind his work.


Houston, TX

I don't know anything about cars. When something breaks, I just want to take it somewhere, and get it fixed. Joe always tells me exactly whats wrong, and fixes it without using to much technical jargon. He doesn't try to sell me on stuff I don't need. That's why I love taking my car to Hillcroft Automotive.


Houston, TX

I came in with my car sounding like it was going to fall apart. I couldn't buy a new car, and I couldn't be without a car either. I towed my car to the shop, and spoke to Joe. I explained I needed my car, and as soon as possible. He gave me a loaner, and I left my car with Joe. I picked up my car the next day and all was well. Thank you guys for being able to do good work fast!


Houston, TX

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